Monday, June 22, 2009


i have nothing but a heavy heart and stress on my plate for da last 48 hours...ugh!!! well i'm actually too tired to blog now, i dnt even knw why i even started it..well i guess i kinda feel better..okay no i don't..i will continue this tomorrow..maybe..hoi!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Okay, so yesterday was my youngest son Solomone Monson Tu'upo's 1st birthday.. i love this baby soooo much!! i hate to admit but i do cater to him a lot more then my other 2 sons.. why? i think just for the plain reason that he's my youngest and still a baby.. He learned how to walk Saturday of last week and its such a joy for me to watch him as he slowly takes each step and concentrating ever so hard not to fall =) As i watch him grow, i tend to miss my other 2 boys at that age. Anyways, do to our financial situation we weren't able to give him the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY we originally planned to. The whole day yesterday i felt so bad, i wanted to give him the world or even just a small gift for him to remember his 1st birthday by, but i wasn't even able to give him that.. I just kept telling myself what a bad mother i am to have let this happen to him on his birthday... So the whole day i just kept smothering him with hugs and kisses with a guilt filled stomache... As day turned to night, i snuck away from my husband and kids, went into my room and just cried & cried. After a while a crying and hating myself my 2nd son Sika came into the room and asked me, "who did it mom, why u crying" i just stared at him and started to laugh.. i said i'm not crying sika mommy got owee.. he said, "o daddy did it" i then laughed ever so hard and said, NO daddy never give mommy owee, but mommy give daddy owee all the time and we both laughed.. i was so grateful that sika came up to me in the room cuz i had immediately think of my kids and be strong.. so i went downstairs and played with my kids for awhile and we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 MONE about 100 times, and it made mone so happy. i love my kids sooooo much they are my true happiness!! o yea and my husband too, i guess.. lol. jk he is.. but yea thats all i have for 2day or 4right now atleast.. I LOVE U SOLOMONE AND HOPE U HAD A WONDERFUL DAY YESTERDAY!!! LOVE, MOM.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

yesterday was a spiritual day!

Yesterday, i was picked up by my favorite cousin Angeles Havili Mahe. We went up to the MTC to say farewell to our Sister Ngata. As we entered the mtc, the room was filled with families and the new missionaries, all sharing the same feelings of Joy, love and excitement. We walked up to sister Ngata and gave a BIG HUG and KISS while crying and telling her just how much we love and appreciate her..afterwards we went into the chapel watched a movie about the mtc and how they go about there day in there. After the movie, we had the chance to say out final goodbye's to our dear sister, and it was such a spiritual moment..i can't even explain just how much i felt the spirit of the lord in my heart, it was so strong it filled the entire room.. i'm so grateful to be apart of this great and wonderful gospel of jesus christ whom i love so much!! i hope one day i will be able to feel his love much more when i sum day enter into his house with my husband and 3 boys.. Thank you angeles for making us almost miss out on seeing sister ngata since u were running so late being selfish only thinking of u and ur love ya!! i really hope this makes sense cuz im too lazy to proof read this...okay buh bye..